Bronhaul, translated from Welsh as ‘Sunny-Bank’, is a haven of tranquility in the rolling green shires of West Wales.

It’s a small-scale family farm nestled in the green hills where Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire meet. Over 25 acres of lush green fields, deep native woodlands full of wildlife and abundant gardens, we farm livestock, grow our own fruit and vegetables, forage wild food and harvest our own firewood. 

Cattle, sheep and horses graze on our rolling pastures, our milking goats forage in the hedgerows, our natural ploughs, the pigs, furrow &  snort their way through the mud, chickens wander freely, scratching a mixed diet all over the farm, and ducks splash and preen on our lake. We enjoy our own beef, lamb, goat and turkey, and sell our meat to guests, too. Our animals live their full life cycle on the farm, are grass-fed with plenty of space to roam and we know exactly where our meat comes from.



We also grow our own fruit and vegetables – everything you can imagine from beetroot to broccoli, cauliflower to carrots, radish to raspberries – with nature. That means we work always to build healthy, rich, lively soil, produce all of our own fertility on the farm, source open-pollinated, organic seed, encourage biodiversity and plant perennial plants and trees for a resilient harvest long into the future.



Recently awarded the Green Tourism Silver Award, we champion sustainability and regeneration in all that we do. And that means for the people that come here, too. We offer relaxing, restoring, rejuvenating farmstays in one of our five holiday cottages and our furnished hill-top bell tent camp, as well as regenerative retreats, events and volunteering opportunities.

green tourism


Along pathways forged through the woodlands, tranquil picnic spots at the waters edge, at the fenceline looking over the animals grazing or picking your own dinner in a market garden bursting with food, we offer the chance to get back to basics, immerse yourself in fresh forest air, live the farm life and regenerate in wild surroundings.


A Dream That Was Bronhaul…


Once a rest-stop for weary travellers on horseback and later a small-scale dairy farm, Bronhaul still bears many of the remnants of an interesting past – like the ancient ram pump, slowly being swallowed by the forest, that once pumped water to a tiny parlour that we still use as a wood-shed today. We arrived in April 1999 to a ramshackle old smallholding in a pretty bad state of disrepair, five young children in tow. But the land was rich, vibrant and green and held endless adventures for the children and a deep well of potential….

With vision, patience and a alot of hard work, and the ongoing support & friendship from friends, neighbours and the local community, we set about creating the rural home of our dreams…. Renovating and rebuilding ruined outbuildings, forging our way into the thick woodlands, enriching the soil, planting trees and becoming stewards of this land we’re fortunate enough to live on. We’re delighted to once again welcome weary travellers to Bronhaul, and to share our little piece of Welsh paradise with you!


Meet the Team



Angie is our resident artist & interior designer, mother of 5 and owner of Bronhaul Farm. She is the scurrying force of nature that makes Bronhaul the beautiful, green & tranquil place that it is. Each cottage bears the unique touch of her creativity and style, the gardens flourish under her careful touch & her farmhouse breakfasts and Victoria sponge are legendary! She’s such a superwoman, she even has her own brown wollen cape!



From looking after his menagerie of farm animals, to building, electrics, plumbing and managing all of our bookings, Col really is a jack of all trades….and master of many, too! Known as ‘the Rebel Farmer’, he’s also radically committed to local food and sustainable farming. He can often be seen wandering across the yard, chasing a herd of goats with a trail of eager young farmers in tow!



Abel is our food grower and runs Glasbren, a CSA veg box scheme and education and horticultural therapy project. He is also a facilitator, teacher & writer, passionate about growing food as a vehicle for ecological and social change, and for realising that we are part of nature, nor separate from it. He’ll be the wild man spotted running full flight through the woods and fields!



Rose is an endlessly giving and dedicated member of our team. She runs the bell tents, grows a beautiful array of flowers in the market garden for the bees & for filling the cottages with life, and plays a vital role in Glasbren, volunteering her time and energy to sowing, mulching, weeding and harvesting and helping to run schools’ workshops. She also plays a big role in our village community, working part-time at the local nursery, the village school and the local pub!


Pat has farming in his blood. Since we first moved here when he was just 3 years old, he has taken to life on the land like a duck to water. Graduating seamlessly from toy tractors and trailers to real tractors and trailers, Pat is really interested in how we can use low-impact machinery to manage the land here. He works part time at Bronhaul, as well as other local farms, helping to develop pastures, raise the animals and throw his strengths behind any major projects we’ve got going on!



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