‘When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves’

David Orr

Over the past 18 years, Angie & Colin have created a natural haven of peace and tranquility. They’ve welcomed countless people into the folds of this valley, given shelter and offered retreat to those in need, who’ve benefited from the calm, and healing balm of birdsong, butterfly, babbling brook or the gentle sway of a tree in the wind.  For all of those people, Bronhaul is a place of retreat, natural beauty and biodiversity, deep peace and reflection, escape, inspiration, regeneration.

Our retreats offer the chance to step our of your busy life, time for contemplation, meditation and to reconnect to yourself and to the natural world around you. But they also recognise the healing benefits of time working to regenerate the land – physical activity, fresh air and the sense of taking action for future generations.


Bronhaul Retreats


Our land-based regenerative treats balance regenerative work on the land – tree-planting, harvesting, planting – with contemplative practices, mindfulness, yoga and body work and nature connection exercises. They offer the benefits of time in wild nature, living closer to the elements and eating from the land, but also nurture inner resources for resilience and the imagination and interconnection to be able to imagine a different future for our world, and your part in it. 


Regenerate: (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)  

To give new life or energy to; revitalize; to bring or come into renewed existence; to impart new and more vigorous life.