No chemicals. No food miles. No plastic packaging. Just Healthy, delicious, seasonal fruit & veg, fresh from the land, grown with nature.


We grow annual and perennial fruit and vegetables in our half-acre food garden, working with nature, the seasons and the weather! Potatoes, tomatoes, sweetcorn, pumpkins, beetroot, onions, leeks, carrots, garlic, kale, salads and much, much more…you name it, we probably grow it!

We also forage blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, crab apples, elderflowers and elderberries, sloe berries and haws, edible herbs and medicinal plants from the farm’s wild edges. We also have plans to plant a large forest garden in 2018, securing an abundance of  fruit and nut crops long into the future.

We work in partnership with the land & with an understanding of ecology to increase fertility, store water, reduce erosion and encourage soil life. We don’t dig, only adding fertility each year to improve the quality of our vegetables & stimulate life in the soil using the principles of permaculture and agroecology.

Want to know more? Join one of our daily farm walks! Our garden produce is also available for sale to guests and the local community. Check out the board at the farmhouse, or drop us a line! You are welcome to wander in our gardens, while away an hour or two on one of our benches, or join us in getting your hands in the soil with some planting, harvesting or weeding….

Grow, Empower & Educate

Not only are we passionate about offering a healthy, affordable, resilient and local food supply to local people, straight from the farmyard, but also the other benefits of growing food, for the environment and for the health and wellbeing of the people who grow it….

That’s why we set up the Glasbren Project. Not only does Glasbren offer a ‘Share in the Harvest’ veg box every week to the local community, it also welcomes groups of children, young people and adults into the garden for horticultural therapy, volunteering opportunities and to learn about food growing and permaculture. Want to know more about our workshops or hire the space for your group? Give us a call!

Our food garden is part the Tyfu Bancyfelin Edible Spaces Trail, a local food growing movement that aims to see edible growing spaces throughout our village and its wider bioregion. 


Tyfu Bancyfelin